Innova’s ProVideo COMPLETE visual acuity system is both clinically accurate and easy to use, making your exam faster, while reducing reworks.


Software Features

Many customization features allow you to fine-tune the system to better focus on what matters:

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    ANSI-Compliant Acuity Tests

    ■ 20/800 Optotypes

    ■ Validated Patti Pics Children’s Optotypes

    ■ Threshold Distance Stereo

    ■ Low Contrast Letters


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    ■ Touch-Screen Keypad

    ■ 3-button Foot Pedal

    ■ Physician Profile

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    Patient Education Solution

    ■ Videos Included

    ■ EyeMaginations Interface

    ■ Create Your Own

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    EMR Compatible

    ■ Legacy Interface

    ■ Dual Monitor Capable

    ■ Picture-in-Picture

    ■ DataWall Simultaneous Operation

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    30 Minute Lane Recovery

    ■ On-Site Back-up Capable

    ■ 3-Year Dell® On-Site Warranty

    ■ HIPPA Compliant

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    Lifetime Software License

    ■ Independent of Hardware

    ■ Upgrades Available

Maximize your return on investment.

Hot Swappable Backup

ProVideo Classic is the only acuity system with a “hot swappable” backup feature, ensuring you never have lost revenue due to a lane being down.

No Lost Revenue

No lost revenue in combination with a lifetime software license and product upgrades ensure you maximize your return on investment.

Invest in a product that can grow with your practice.

Clinically Accurate Chart Presentations
Children’s Symbols
Single Button Push Children’s Videos
Distance Stereo Threshold Testing
Hands Free Hardware
Rich Customization Options