Innova’s ProVideo CLASSIC visual acuity system is both clinically accurate and easy to use, making your exam faster, while reducing reworks.



Software Features

Further increase your productivity by tailoring your system to your exam:

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    Easily Add Charts


    Add your favorite chart from your old projector

  • + -

    User Routine

    Set your entire exam routine on User Buttons
  • + -

    Education and Videos

    Add your own patient education or children’s videos
  • + -

    Feature Promotion

    Promote your clinic’s features on your acuity monitor
  • + -

    Vision Quality Testing


    Add quality of vision tests, like Threshold Distance Stereo, Calibrated Contrast Sensitivity, Color Vision testing, Cone function testing

  • + -


    Interface with TopCon or Nidek Auto-Phoropter

Maximize your return on investment.


Hot Swappable Backup

ProVideo Classic is the only acuity system with a “hot swappable” backup feature, ensuring you never have lost revenue due to a lane being down.

No Lost Revenue

No lost revenue in combination with a lifetime software license and product upgrades ensure you maximize your return on investment.

Invest in a product that can grow with your practice.  Product upgrades are available including:


Calibrated Contrast Sensitivity Threshold Testing
Color Vision Testing
Auto-Phoropter Interfaces
Cone Function Testing
Distance Stereo Threshold Testing
And Many More!